A Mindful Two Minutes

Two minutes doesn't sound like a long time.  It's about the time it takes to reply (quickly) to an email, get a glass of water, turn on your computer in the morning.

For most of us, two minutes flies by.

Then why is it so challenging for us to sit still for two minutes?  Without multi-tasking, without texting, without to-do lists.  Just sitting still, quietly letting our mind rest, our body center, our thoughts slow.  Try it now... it's just two minutes.

Do nothing for two minutes.

What was your experience like? Did you struggle and have to restart the timer? Did your mind wander with the things that you should be doing? Was it enjoyable?


The practice of mindfulness is useful at helping us learn to manage our emotions, handle stressful situations, and improve interpersonal communication. But it is a practice. It may not come naturally for you, some people have to create the intention to be mindful each and every day.

The results, however, are worth the work. With mindfulness you will find that you're able to deal with anxiety or anger a little bit easier, that conversations go a little smoother, that you are a little happier.


If you'd like help practicing mindfulness, or finding out how mindfulness can help bring more harmony into your life, I would be glad to help. Call today (916-547-3997) for a free consultation about how mindfulness can help you create a life you love.