Unplugging from the World

I had the most amazing opportunity this weekend to participate in my son's school field trip to Westminster Woods in Occidental, CA. Three days in a peaceful redwood forest, a challenging high ropes course, vibrant youth ... and no cell phone reception. 

Being disconnected from the outside world was a challenge for me. What I observed is that when I settled to the fact I couldn't check my emails/phone calls, I was able to be more present and attuned to what was around me. I was able to notice the breeze in the tree tops, the joyful laughter of adolescents, observe the amazing process of children overcoming their fears and riding a zip line. I was able to slowly release my anxiety about staying available and just be in the moment.

I'd like to challenge each of you to unplug. This will look different for each person. Some ways you could unplug could be:

  • Leave your phone in another room during a meal with family

  • Skip surfing the internet all weekend

  • Take a texting hiatus for an hour or a day

  • Stay off those game apps for a day

  • Leave your emails unopened until Monday morning

  • Turn off your phone/tablet/computer for the whole weekend (you up for a challenge?!?)


While you're unplugged try these things:

  • Take in the world around you by going for a walk or hike

  • Connect with your family, friends, pets

  • Try something new

  • Feel the sunshine on your skin

  • Listen to your favorite music and dance

  • Sit outside and listen to the sounds around you

Share your experiences with me! I'd love to hear what you tried and what worked.