'I Am Worth It' and Other Mantras Worth Repeating

Sometimes, the things I ask my clients to do in session sound a bit cheesy. I will be the first to admit that. Occasionally when someone raises their eye brow, or even rolls their eyes at me, I am reminded again of how corny the things I say can sound.

Now, I know that I’m no worse or no better than any other therapist, as far as using "psychobabble".

My mission is to help people lead authentic lives.

I help individuals who have experienced challenges and are overcoming obstacles and traumas that many others can’t even fathom or relate to.

I help people identify what they want from life and in their deepest intentions to find happiness and joy.

However idealistic and "woo woo" this sounds, it is also my truth.

On a daily basis I get to work with amazing individuals who are finding their inner passion, cultivating joy, living authentically in relationships that they value and value them, expressing themselves as they feel on the inside, setting limits, and asserting their self-worth.

It’s pretty powerful stuff. I’m blessed to be invited along by these amazing individuals on their journeys.

One of the cheesiest things I ask my clients to do is find a mantra that fits their life. The mantra can be a touch point in their days, a reminder on what they want and how they can get there.

My mantra is: I am worth it.

Find a statement that connects with you, that resonates in your heart. There’s no magic formula on how to find a mantra. It’s really about what connects most with you in this moment. It could be a word (love, peace, happy), a Sanskrit sound (Om), or a phrase.

For me, my mantra helps remind me of my focus on self-care. Whether I’m meditating or just reminding myself through the day (for example, when my alarm goes off early in the morning so I have time to work-out and I need a reminder why I’m giving up sleep), my mantra reminds me that I’m worth taking the time for.

Here are some other examples:

I choose myself.

I love myself and others around me.

My life is filled with abundance.

My fears don’t conquer me, I conquer my fears.

I am strong, powerful and courageous.

Love is all around me.

When you’re struggling with something (setting a limit, saying no, doing something healthy for yourself) it helps to repeat your mantra.

Try it this week, and if you still think it’s cheesy send me an email. But I think with practice you will find a subtle shift in your emotions and thoughts with focusing and integrating your mantra into your days.


Adriana Joyner, LMFT is a Sacramento Area therapist specializing in counseling for people healing from painful life experiences and traumas, and gender support for those within the LGBTQIA community. Her office is located in Gold River, CA located off Highway 50 at Sunrise Blvd.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call (916) 547-3997 or email adrianajoynermft@gmail.com.