“When can I meet with you?”

I am available for therapy sessions throughout the day Monday - Thursday. Please contact me at (916) 547-3997 for specific availability.

Before we set an intake session I would like to arrange a free, no-pressure, 15 minute telephone consultation with you. The most important aspect of therapy being effective is that there is a good fit between you and your therapist. This consultation will help you evaluate if I would be a good fit for you and your needs and make sure you get connected with someone who can help you as quickly as possible.

"I live too far away and can't come to your office for sessions? How does online therapy work?"

For people in California, I am able to work with you via an online video conferencing program called Doxy.Me (imagine Skype or FaceTime but more secure and protected). 

Two important considerations to decide if online telehealth might be right for you: 1) do you have a reliable internet connection and a device that is comfortable for you to video conference for 50 minutes? 2) do you have a private, quiet and distraction free location to meet?  If you think this might work for you, let's set up a consultation call to chat further. 

 For more details you can review my Telehealth Informed Consent.

“How much will sessions cost?”

$140 for a 50 minute therapy session. Payment is collected at the beginning of each session. I hold open a limited number of reduced-fee therapy sessions, dependent upon situation and financial needs. Please ask if you are in need of a reduced-fee session.

If you are using health insurance, please contact your health insurance provider to verify what your deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment amounts are for your specific plan.

At this time, I accept payments in the form of cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and most health savings account cards.

 “Do you take my health insurance?”

I am an in-network health insurance provider for Cigna, MHN, American Behavioral, and HMC Healthworks. Each insurance plan can vary; please contact your health insurance plan to verify that I am an approved in-network provider for your specific plan and what your deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment amounts are.

“I have an Employer Assistance Program (EAP) benefit, can I see you?”

I am a provider for HealthAdvocate West and Cigna EAPs. In order for you to use your benefits you’ll need to contact the EAP plan directly and request an authorization.  

“You aren’t contracted with my insurance but I still want to work with you. Is that possible?”

Yes! There are a couple options. Your health insurance plan may provide out-of-network benefits. Call your health insurance plan to find out more about what out-of-network benefits you have and what are the costs. When using your out-of-network benefits you will be responsible for the full fee for session at the time of service. I will be happy to submit the claim directly to your insurance company on your behalf and they will reimburse you according to your out-of-network benefits.

Another option would be choosing to pay directly for sessions. There are many reasons people prefer not to use their health insurance to pay for mental health treatment. When using health insurance there are some limitations. In general, health insurances require that the client meets medical necessity, which involves a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis becomes part of your permanent treatment record. Health insurance can dictate the types of sessions provided (many insurances do not cover couples counseling) or how many sessions can be provided based on your diagnosis.  In addition, when using health insurance I will be required to provide your health insurance with information about your services. For these reasons, you may decide that you want to pay directly for services. By paying directly for therapy I am also able to respect your privacy to a much greater degree.  

 “What if I have to miss an appointment? / What's your cancellation policy?”

Appointments must be cancelled with at least 24 hour advanced notice, otherwise you will be responsible for the full session fee ($140). Insurance companies do not reimburse for missed sessions. If you are using insurance, you will be responsible for the full contracted rate for services for your insurance plan. 

“Is there paperwork I need to fill out?”

When beginning therapy there are some important pieces of information you should know about the therapy process and your rights. You can view my Informed Consent, Notice of Privacy Practices, and Social Media policy here. I encourage you to read these documents thoroughly and if you have any questions please contact me directly at 916-547-3997.

When we speak on the phone to arrange our intake appointment I will talk with you about the intake documents. I’ll provide you copies so you can complete prior to our first appointment using my secure on-line patient portal.

"I need a letter of support for medical gender transition; do I have to be a therapy client?"

Nope! As you know, not everyone transitioning desires or needs ongoing therapy services. If you are in need of a letter for medical transition please contact me to discuss exactly what you are looking for and when you need it by. You can also read more about medical transition assessments here. 

"Wait! I have a question you didn't answer above!"

I'm happy to help! Just give me a call at 916-547-3997 or contact me here and I'll get back to you with an answer.